Welcome to the website of Wattman Europe!

The Wattman Mini Express is undoubtedly the finest trackless electric kiddy ride of its kind, moves over 25 million passengers per year and can be found in over 47 different countries.

On this Website you can find general information of our Wattman Trains & Trams. And because choosing the right solution for your business is a difficult decision, we can help you with this.

Every situation is different and the legislation is very important. It would be a shame if you buy a beautiful train and you can’t use it due to local regulations!

With the knowledge of our global network of customers, we can answer almost any questions before you buy a train:

– Train Operation (ROI)
– Ticket and payment solutions
– Regulation & Safety
– Transport & Import
– Maintenance & Warranty
– Financing and rental

We believe in a lasting relationship with our customers,
our support goes beyond selling a train!

Our personal approach

All Wattman products are built with an eye for detail. To us, it is the customer experience that is our motivation.

We do not believe in standard solutions. We work together with our customers  and  provide a tailored solution.

Do you want to know more about our products, prices and options? Please leave your details and we will send you a personal offer as soon as possible and this, with no obligation!